What is business Accelerator

Our Business Accelerator will modernize and streamline the way current and future clients can interact with your business using automations and AI. Boost the number of leads, appointments, reviews and referrals from the same clients lead flow.



how it Works

Workflows & Automation

Let software simplify your days

Automate routine tasks, lead management, and email & SMS marketing, and lighten your workload! Find more time to unleash your creative skills and make strategic business moves. With workflows & automation, you can provide a wonderful customer experience consistently and gain rich insights into where you can improve.

Customer & Lead Management

Build lasting relationships

Attract ambitious leads who want your products with an extraordinary lead generation strategy that you create in our website and funnel builders. With our Business Accelerator, you can turn leads into dedicated brand followers. Our contact and pipeline systems will help you follow and engage prospects and brand loyalists alike. (Tip: Use our tagging system to create specialized messages to certain contacts based on their actions.)

Products & Payments

Host everything in one place

Help customers discover your unique products when you host your money-makers on our Business Accelerator. With payment integrations like Stripe and PayPal, you’ll make buying standout products undebatable. Offer one-time purchases, subscriptions, and even trials on your site. Spread your impact across the web and let our Business Accelerator capture the transaction.

Website Builder

Stand out on the web

Watch as your brand becomes unmissable online with our drag-and-drop builder. Create your business’s website and enjoy the process — leave your coding knowledge (or lack thereof) in yesterday’s search history and customize your internet home from head-to-toe.

On Business Accelerator, this is where your standout products will live and where you’ll make a name for yourself.

Funnel Builder

Captivate your audience

Discover the power of well-designed funnels with Business Accelerator. Customize each step in your funnel to fit the needs of your offer and captivate prospects.

With easy-to-use tools and an organized interface, increase the likelihood of a successful sale inside Business Accelerator’s Funnel Builder.

Lead Magnets

Capture leads with ease

Use forms and surveys to connect with leads (and to check in on current customers). Link these integrated web elements to your funnels and website, and capture treasure: contact info.

See your contact list grow!

Automated Email Campaigns

Nurture your contacts into loyal buyers

We all want a brand following that withstands both the energetic and messy seasons in business.

With the option to write targeted email campaigns that you can automate to your audience, building special relationships with your customers has never been more doable.

Calling & 2-Way Texts

Reach your customers wherever

Communicate with your customers in their preferred ways. Send texts, receive calls, and track all of it inside Business Accelerator. With 2-way text, hold personal conversations with leads and customers, and answer their questions.

You can automate these messages too. Follow every message inside one, centralized inbox.

Scheduling & Calendars

Centralize all you do

Ditch your calendar app because Business Accelerator has everything you need to manage and grow your business! Book appointments, remind your clients of their times, and manage your schedule.

Integrate your personal calendars into your account to create one master calendar. Never juggle overbooked appointments again! Appreciate successful appointments when you automate reminder and confirmation messages to your customers.

Analytics Dashboard

Watch your progress in real-time

Visualize your business’s performance with smart analytics displayed across your screen. Understand your strong points and improve your weak spots with data on lead generation and sales.

Work more effectively with deep insights that Business Accelerator tracks for you.

Reputation Manager

Earn applause for splendid service

Take charge of your business reputation with a platform that helps you gather and manage customer reviews. Develop personable email and text templates you can send inside your account to everyone your business encounters.

Have the power to grow an applauded reputation with insights into your customers’ sentiments and ratings.

Course Creator & Memberships

Expand your potential

You don’t have to limit your future to your current products. Take a leap inside Business Accelerator and monetize your knowledge with our Course Creator.

Or, show your appreciation for your brand followers with a Membership Area that grants them access to additional digital products or resources. By doing so, you’ll build a tight community with your customers and that’s something to be proud of.

Social Planner

Show up for your followers

Accomplish an impressive social media presence with our Social Planner, the feature you can use to manage and schedule your social media posts in one place. Having a consistent presence on social media can help you build a loyal fan base and recurring customers.


Take advantage of the tool that will help you grow your social media accounts.

Tracking Links

Track your traffic

Knowledge is power, as they say. With tracking links, know the power of your communication. Understand the effectiveness of your email and SMS marketing, and track engagement and traffic to your site.

When you insert tracking links inside your messages, you’ll be able to launch contacts into workflows based on their clicks. They really are powerful.

Ad Reporting

Maximize your digital impact

At its core, ad reporting involves measuring the metrics that matter most to your business, such as click-through rates, conversions, and return on investment.

Steer your company toward growth with metrics that will help you make informed decisions about how to allocate your advertising budget and adjust your ad strategy to maximize your results.


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